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Disability Law Attorney in Gadsden, Alabama

Woman using a wheelchair workingDon’t make a lengthy or difficult legal process stand in the way of getting the benefits you deserve. Instead, turn to Scott F. Stewart for the help you need in filing your disability claim. When it comes to disability law in Gadsden, AL, I am very knowledgeable about all the details, which not only increases your chances of getting your claim accepted but also makes the entire process afterward easier to manage as well.

Even if you understand much of the legal jargon and know what to look for in your disability case, statistics show that applicants who are represented by legal counsel are much more likely to be approved than those who aren’t. After you’ve been approved, I can assist with everything else you need until your case is closed.

Committed to Fighting for You

The earlier you speak to me, the better. With my in-depth knowledge of disability law, I know what to expect during the case and can prepare you optimally for each step.

What Hiring the Right Disability Lawyer Can Do for You Although the initial application is important, there’s much more work to be done afterward as well. Whether you’re just thinking about applying for Social Security disability or you’re stuck midway through the process, talk to me if you need help with any of the following:

  • Presenting the Most Favorable Case

  • Advising on Your Disability Onset Date

  • Arguing That Your Condition Meets Social Security Guidelines

  • Collecting and Submitting Medical Evidence

  • Obtaining Doctors’ Opinions

  • Drafting Briefs to the Administrative Law Judge

  • Preparing You for Your Hearing

Contact me today to learn more about our disability law services. I work with clients throughout Gadsden, AL.